Wastewater Treatment

Ecoteam can provide a range of waste water treatment options for households, communities and government agencies. Ecoteam specialises in constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment. Our team of engineers and scientists can design wetlands and sewage treatment systems suitable for wastewater of different types and flow requirements.

Rotating biological contactor (RBC)

Constructed Wetlands

Constructed wetlands can provide treatment for a range wastewater types including sewage and grey water. Constructed wetlands can be used as secondary treatment systems to removed nutrients and suspended solids from water. They may also be used as polishing devices capable of prodcuing a high quality effluent. Please see our CONSTRUCTED WETLANDS page.

Package Water Treatment Plants

Ecoteam can supply a range of package waste water treatment plants for small communities and single households. These sewage treatment systems utilise aerobic microorganisms to treat water to a high standard. These system such as the Earthsafe Aerated Water Treatment system can provide treatment in constrained sites where passive systems are not available.

Domestic Sewage

We design, install, upgrade and maintain a range of wastewater treatment systems for single and multiple dwelling in rural areas. We have specialist consultant who can ensure that the best system for the site and budget. Please visit our Domestic sewage system page for further details.

Municipal Treatment Options

Ecoteam can provide waste water treatment systems and option reports for the tertiary treatment of municipal wastewater. Constructed wetland can be used for the passive treament of landfill leachate. Wetland treatment system can provide a high level of treatment at lower long term maintenance and energy costs. We can also design treatment and effluent reuse systems including mop crop technology.



Village Wetland

Stormwater wetland

Waste Management