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Our Team Dr Keith Bolton

Dr Keith Bolton

Chief Scientist and Founding  Company Director
Keith is the founder of Ecotechnology Australia Pty Ltd. Keith is Program Manager of the Water and Sewerage Program for three isolated Aboriginal Communities, which is supported by the NSW Government’s Aboriginal Communities Water and Sewerage Program. Keith has more than 20 years research experience, and pioneered the field of constructed wetlands using paperbark trees. Keith’s cornerstone projects include the 24ha Byron Bay Effluent Reuse Wetland and the Malabugilmah Wetland Water Treatment System.

Keith is also Ecoteam’s Licenced Asbestos Assessor LAA001090.

 Dr Keith Bolton CV


Our Team - Lise Bolton

Lise Bolton

Senior Environmental Engineer and Managing Company Director
Lise Bolton is a company director and principal consultant at Ecoteam. She has experience in designing a range of treatment systems for water, wastewater and stormwater, with a focus on adsorption technology and bioremediation for contaminant removal. Lise specialises in the design of constructed wetlands for water treatment. She is skilled in the assessment and remediation of contamination, and performs environmental monitoring of water, soil and air. Lise has a Bachelor of Applied Science  from Southern Cross University and a Masters of Environmental Engineering from Griffith University. Her Master’s thesis focused on engineering wetlands using adsorbents such a biochar to remove contaminants.

Lise Bolton CV – Water Quality

Lise Bolton CV – Wastewater


Our Team - Aaron Taylor

Aaron Taylor

Senior Operations Manager: Water and Sewerage
Aaron has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Fisheries & Aquaculture) from Southern Cross University. Aaron’s main role in the company is Water & Sewerage/Project Manager on Remote Aboriginal Communities. Aaron has a passion for the aquatic environment and has a firm understanding of water quality monitoring principles. Aaron works closely with the NSW Office of Water and NSW Dept. of Health to ensure water quality parameters are within the Australian Drinking Water Guideline standards. Aaron is also a licence asbestos assessor.

Aaron Taylor CV

Robyn Mirigliani

Accounts and Admin Manager

Robyn has a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and over 25 years experience in financial and business management for both large and small business as well as some years in local government finance. She is enthusiastic about continually improving all areas of the business.

Shaun Hill

Water Operations Manager & Certified Asbestos Assessor

Shaun has a Bachelor of Environmental Science from Southern Cross University. Shaun’s broad range of skills and experience, including design of  on-site wastewater treatment systems and contaminated land assessments. Shaun applies his mechanical, trade and technical skills in the maintenance of village scale water and sewerage systems as part of the Water and Sewerage Program. Shaun is also a licence asbestos assessor.

Our Team - John Carney

John Carney

Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group Member and Community Water Technician 
John is a key member of our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Working Group. John’s also performs a role is as an on-ground  team member conducting routine and non-routine operation maintenance activities of the water and sewerage infrastructure within remote Aboriginal communities.

Jeffery Presbury

Environmental Assessment Officer and Small Scale Division Manager

Jeffery has a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Civil Engineering from Southern Cross University. Jeffery performs field assessments and reporting to design On-Site Sewage Management Systems, and undertakes Contaminated Land Assessments. Jeffery applies his analytical, mathematical, and technical skill to design of Stormwater Management Plans and Management of the Small Scale Division.

Christine Collins

Community Water Technician 
Christine performs a role is as an on-ground  team member conducting routine and non-routine operation maintenance activities of the water and sewerage infrastructure at Jubullum Village.

Hogan Gleeson

Service and Maintenance Division Manager

Hogan has extensive experience is large scale construction project management and operations. Hogan has spent over 20 years working on water design and construction projects including very large aquaculture projects. Hogan overseas all projects within the Ecoteam service and maintenance division, which include all major water and sewage maintenance and upgrade projects. Hogan is also manage large scale water and sewage construction and upgrades.


Nick Crowley

Business Manager 

Nick has extensive business management and sales experience and has worked in business management and sales for the past 10 years. Nick has worked with senior management in most industry sectors including infrastructure, property and construction. He has extensive knowledge of the social and environmental requirements of developments across industry sectors. He leads teams on high public profile projects, roads and infrastructure and is responsible for direction, communication, quality control and contract delivery. Nick is also proficient in a range of environmental assessment and reporting including Review of Environmental Factors, Contaminated Land Assessments and Remediation and On-Site Sewage.

Zachary Lyons

Environmental Assessment Officer

Zac is proficient in ecological and environmental assessments. He has experience in all levels and types of environmental assessments including Review of Environmental Factors, threatened species Test of Significance and impact assessments. Zac also conducts water and soil assessments and regularly carries out On-site Sewage Assessments, Contaminated Land Assessments and Water Quality monitoring. He has advanced site assessment and land mapping skills. Zac produces high quality environmental reports and is an efficient project manager.


Cail Cooper

Cail Cooper

Water Operations Officer

Cail performs the role of Ecoteam Water Operations Officer for several remote aboriginal communities and a correctional facility. He performs operation and maintenance tasks at the communities and conducts weekly trips to preform audits and water quality assessments. Cail is a proficient  report writer and produces monthly system performs assessment reports.


Our Team - David Pont

David Pont

Senior Scientist and Designer
David has twenty years experience in management of water businesses, of catchment and estuary management plans, and in design and construction of larger stormwater and wastewater management systems as part of a broader focus on catchment and waterway health. His work has focused on the use of natural systems using ecotechnology to achieve sustainable results at lower cost. The well-monitored success of three substantial wastewater wetlands in northern NSW in achieving very low outlet concentrations of pollutants has also informed his design approach to stormwater systems which are more difficult to monitor and assess.

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