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 EcoCell On-site Sewage Systems

The EcoCell ‘flow with nature’ domestic sewage system uses zero energy and adds ecological value and aesthetic appeal to your property .

The key element of Ecoteam’s wastewater treatment system are constructed wetlands, also known as ‘reed beds’. Wetlands are living  filters that clean water through natural processes and are a sustainable approach to wastewater treatment.

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surge-flow dosing siphon


Surge-flow Dosing Siphon

The Surge-flow 100 complements the EcoCell Sewage Treatment System and is installed between the EcoCell and the effluent disposal area. The Surge-Flow is installed within a pumpwell and acts as a sump. (Please see the ‘Sump & Siphon Package‘ below).

The dosing siphon facilitates even distribution of effluent throughout a low pressure reuse network such as land application trenches. This adds efficiency and longevity to the reuse area.

The Surge-flow 100 ‘flow with nature’ dosing siphon is a completely passive device that utilises natural hydrostatic air pressure and gravity to create a surge of liquid with an average flow rate of 100L/min.

The Surge-flow 100 dosing siphon requires no electricity and has no moving parts. This means a lower ecological footprint and annual savings in operation and maintenance of the system. This product is a design innovation of Ecoteam parent company Ecotechnology Australia Pty Ltd.

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Surge-flow 100 prefabricated Sump and Siphon Package

Sump and Siphon Package

The Surge-flow 100 is available as a prefabricated ‘Sump and Siphon Package’, all ready to go for quick and easy installation.

Ecoteam will install the Surge-flow 100 dosing siphon into the Reln 600/450L poly-sump for you. The package comes with all outlet fittings.

The system is capable of delivering up to 200L per dose.

Please give us a call (02) 6621 5123 for pricing and to discuss shipping arrangements.

EcoCell domestic sewage systems safe family friendly

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