Service Station Assessments

Ecoteam provides testing of service stations and other fuel loading facilities to identify if there is soil or water contamination. Contamination is determined by taking soil and water samples at a number of predetermined locations. Samples are analysed for contaminants including metals, PAH and TRH. If results are above certain thresholds, the site is considered to be contaminated. If the results are below certain thresholds, the site is considered to be clean and free of contamination.

If you would like a service station assessment, please contact us and we can walk you through the process. Each site is unique. We make sure the assessment is both tailored to your needs and compliant with legislative requirements.


Soil Testing and Contamination Reports - Service Stations Fuel Stations

Our Service Station Assessment services include:

  • Preliminary site investigations, environmental site assessments
  • Detailed site assessments
  • Review and interpretation of previous contamination reports – this may be useful if you are considering purchasing a service station.
  • Soil testing in and around existing tanks and pumps
  • Groundwater testing and testing of existing monitoring wells
  • Installation of groundwater monitoring wells
  • Analysis of all soil and water samples
  • Written reports



Drill rig

Service station soil assessment

Groundwater sampling Service Station

Groundwater monitoring well sampling




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