Radiation Testing

Ecoteam can undertake testing of historical mineral sand mining sites and determine if surface radiation levels are safe for houses, schools and other land uses. We measure radiation with a handheld device and then compare the results to see if they are within the acceptable limits in national Radiation Safety Guidelines.

We can also determine sub surface radiation levels by undertaking a preliminary assessment. We will take a number of soil cores at depth across the site and measure the radiation level of the soil. This is a preliminary screening assessment and indicates if more detailed investigation of the soil is needed.

If you need a radiation assessment for your site, please contact us and we can walk you through the process. Each site is unique. We make sure the assessment is both tailored to your needs and compliant with legislative requirements.

Our Radiation Assessments include:

  • Liaising with Council’s to determine specific requirements and acceptable guidelines.
  • Background Site Investigation – review of Historical Aerial Photos, review of historical mapping and reports.
  • Detailed Site Assessment – Measuring Surface Radiation & Soil Radiation levels at specific locations within the site boundary and compare the results to background radiation levels in nearby locations.
  • Detailed reports for development applications.
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