Soil Testing and Contamination Assessment

Ecoteam Soil Testing, Preliminary and Detailed Site Investigations, Remediation, VENM and EMN, Service Stations and Agricultural Testing Services


Hazardous Materials Survey & Management

Ecoteam provides reliable, professional and WHS compliant Hazardous Materials (HazMat) services. Hazardous Materials Survey Reports are required prior to renovation or demolition of workplace buildings constructed before 2003.

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Stockpile soil testing - soil testing and contamination

Contaminated Land Assessment and Remediation

Soil contamination testing and assessment for single houses, subdivisions and major developments. We also prepare Remediation Actions Plans and remove contaminated material should contamination be detected. We have an excellent relationship with all local Councils and will ensure your property is safe.

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Soil testing and contamination - agricultural assessments and land capability, soil testing, organic farming

Agricultural Assessments

We can assist with all types of soil testing including organic certification, agricultural land classification, land and soil capability assessment, and nutrient assessments. We will provide a detailed report that identifies the suitability of the your land for your proposed industry.

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 Soil testing and contamination assessments - acid sulphate soil testing

Acid Sulfate Soil Testing

Ecoteam can undertake acid sulfate soil assessments to determine the presence/absence of potential or actual acid sulfate soil and provide management recommendations for land development.

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Soil Testing and Contamination Reports - Service Stations Fuel Stations 

Service Stations

Ecoteam can undertake testing of your service station prior to sale or purchase. We offer a complete service including independent review of previous reports, and soil and groundwater testing.

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Soil testing and contamination - radeye b20 radiation testing mineral sands sand mining 

Radiation Testing

Ecoteam can undertake surface radiation testing for historical mineral sand mining sites. We offer a full service from site assessment through to reporting. Testing is a simple process using a handheld radiation detector. Non-intrusive and quick results.

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Assessment based on the Guidelines for Consultants Reporting on Contaminated Lands 

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