About Ecoteam

Ecoteam is a division of parent company Ecotechnology Australia Pty Ltd, based in Lismore in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia.

We are a friendly and professional team of 16 people. Our staff are both office based and field based. We are university qualified and world leaders in constructed wetland technology.

Our approach

Ecoteam has built its reputation by applying sound scientific principles to environmental challenges and delivering best practice solutions. Ecoteam acts as a facilitator between clients and regulators and operates ethically and with integrity.


‘Ecotechnology’ is a term to describe the production of ecologically-sustainable systems which take their inspiration from nature and result in healthy environmental solutions for our land and water. Ecotechnology provides benefits for both people and the environment.

Our Vision

Working as a team to create true wealth by nurturing the environment and inspiring community. Our Mission statement


  • Actively works with people, communities and organisations to inspire positive change;
  • Considers economic, social, environmental and spiritual values;
  • Has uncompromising scruple/ethics and chooses to only work with ethical people communities and organisations;
  • Innovates and implements appropriate and sustainable technologies;
  • Advocates reconciliation through our Reconciliation Action Plan;
  • Will always remain solution oriented;
  • Works in the present and thinks in the future.

Company History

The precursor to Ecoteam was conceived and developed at Southern Cross University’s Graduate Research Centre and is the brainchild of Ecoteam chief research scientist, Dr Keith Bolton.

Ecotechnology Australia Pty Ltd (ETA) was formed in October 2003. A grant from the Australian Government’s Sustainable Regions Program awarded to ETA in October 2005 provided strategic support in the start-up phase of the company’s development as a stand-alone entity.

The Ecoteam division was then established in 2009. We now have 16 staff and are growing from strength to strength. Our latest projects include the Brisbane Airport, Orana Haven Wastewater Treatment Wetland and Samboja Lestari in Borneo.


Find out more about us:

Please call (02) 6621 5123 or email if you would like to discuss your project.




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Accredited  for 

  • ISO Quality Assurance
  • ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety
  • ISO 14011 Environmental Management 

to ensure a high level of quality

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