Mould Assessment, Testing and Reporting

Do you need mould assessment, testing or reporting? Mould can threaten the indoor air quality and the structural integrity of building materials. Problems of mould are associated with the occurrence of water damage, visible mould, and odours from microbial growth. Ecoteam can provide preliminary and comprehensive assessments.  Our professionally trained staff and can inform you of the state of your building.

Mould growth and dampness problems can be preventable through moisture control, appropriate operation of the building, adequate building maintenance, regular cleaning. Education of occupant behaviour is important to reduce  ongoing moisture and mould growth. Ecoteam can provide a range of mould assessment and testing to identify the cause of mould so it can be treated.

Ecoteam can  provide accredited and experienced Mould Assessors who are  available to conduct mould, moisture and air monitoring services:


  • Assessment of potential mould and moisture exposure
  • Moisture mapping
  • Air and surface sampling
  • Testing to determine the presence of hidden mould
  • Laboratory analysis of results
  • Analytical report of the extent of identified mould and moisture exposure
  • Identify underlying causes
  • Remediation recommendation/plans and prevention
  • Pre-remediation and Post-remediation assessments
  • Visual inspections


Sampling and Assessment

Our sampling and assessment techniques are industry best practice.

Our mould assessment services include:

  • Visual inspections
  • Moisture testing
  • “Mould in air” sampling
  • “Mould detected by swab” sampling
  • Accurate laboratory analysis results (NATA-accredited and EPA approved)
  • Quality and Clearance Reporting


All work is undertaken in accordance with WorkCover Guidelines & National Codes of Practice. Ecoteam has an award winning Workplace Health & Safety system and fully certified quality assurance processes (ISO9001).


Mould Remediation Options

  • Contaminated materials can either be treated or removed to reduce ongoing problems.
  • HEPA vacuum cleaner and damp wiped with a cloth and vinegar or detergent solution and then immediately dried and free from visible mould and debris (HEPA sandwich).
  • Air purifiers / scrubbers
  • Dehumifiers


Please contact our office in Lismore, northern NSW on (02) 6621 5123. We service Australia wide and look forward to working you on your next project.

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