Licenced Asbestos Testing and Assessor Services

Ecoteam has accredited and experienced Licenced Asbestos Assessors.  We are available on short notice and can provide rapid response for asbestos testing and monitoring activities.

We work with both bonded and friable asbestos.

Our asbestos services include:

  • Asbestos testing (results in 24-48 hours)
  • Clearance inspections & certificates
  • Air monitoring
  • Asbestos audits
  • Asbestos registers
  • Management plans

All work is undertaken in accordance with WorkCover Guidelines & National Codes of Practice. Ecoteam has an award winning Workplace Health & Safety system and fully certified quality assurance processes (ISO9001).

Keith Bolton (LAA001090) and Aaron Taylor (LAA001345) are fully licenced and highly experienced Asbestos Assessors and are the only Licenced Assessors in Lismore.

Our Licenced Assessors provide a full range of asbestos management services and works with asbestos removal companies on a broad range of high profile large scale and small scale residential projects.

Keith has extensive experience in contaminated land management, occupational hygiene and asbestos management and has worked in the environmental management industry for over 25 years.

Aaron has extensive experience working in high risk and remote environments and has a broad range of skill sets including asbestos and hazardous materials management.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring substance which was mined, processed and used in the building industry until the 1980s. In the past, asbestos has been mined for construction materials due to it’s fire retardant and insulation properties. Exposure to asbestos fibres can cause ongoing health problems so it is important that any material you think contains asbestos is tested and managed properly.


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