Waste Management

Our team of professionals offer high quality, cost effective solutions for a range of waste management issues. The staff at Ecoteam has certifications and on the job experience in waste management techniques. We work closely with environmental planners and community consultants to deliver cost effective, practical and innovative solutions to our clients. We can provide solid waste and wastewater management and are up-to-date with waste policies and regulations. We also offer a range of alternative green waste management solutions.

 Waste Management


Waste Management for Development

Ecoteam provides waste management plans for a range of development types. Waste products which generated during construction require on-site management. We provide waste management plans which are used to calculate waste volumes generated during construction and implement strategies to ensure cost effective solutions to waste handling and reduction including separation and recycling.


Green Waste Management

Ecoteam can provide green waste management for businesses and agricultural industries. The qualified staff at Ecoteam can develop green waste management solutions which can generate income to your industry. Green waste is a valuable resource which can generate products such as compost, biogas (methane) or biochar. Green waste recycling also reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions and can provide positive contributions to the carbon cycle.

Green waste

Waste Clean-up and Site Rehabilitation Plans

Ecoteam can provide waste management and rehabilitation plans to assist in the clean-up of waste which has been buried or dumped. We can supervise waste clean-up and provide notice of completion to government authorities. Ecoteam also undertake Contaminated Land Assessments and Remediation Action Plans for sites which have potential contamination or have been identified as contaminated and require remediation.


 Contaminated soil

 Removal of waste


 Skip bin of waste

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