Agricultural Assessments

Ecoteam has a wide range of soil testing experience for variety of needs including development applications, business planning and EPA compliance. We provide a range of agricultural assessments related to land capability and suitable land use, such as:

  • Agricultural Land Classification (ALC) Assessment,
  •  Land and Soil Capability (LSC) Assessment, and
  •  Soil Nutrient and Fertility Assessment.
  • Organic Certification


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Agricultural assessments - land capability testing


To determine the impact of development upon agricultural land, development proposals in rural areas, such as subdivisions and rezoning projects, will occasionally require an Agricultural Land Classification assessment at the individual farm-scale.  Larger industrial-scale developments may require a broader assessment such as a Land and Soil Capability Assessment.

Ecoteam can also provide assistance in Soil Nutrient and Fertility investigations for farms and gardens and determine if the land is suitable for organic farming and certification. We can also determine if land is suitable for farming particular crops and make recommendations for suitable crops for your site.

Ecoteam can undertake:

  • background and historical assessments
  • site assessments
  • take soil samples
  • analyse soil and nutrient properties, and
  • compare results to organic and biodynamic farming standards to determine site suitability.

Dr Keith Bolton is an experienced agricultural soil scientist with more than 20 years experience and our team of qualified professionals are here to help you make the most of your agricultural land.

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