domestic seotic tank and sewage systems

Domestic Sewage

Ecoteam designs, constructs and maintains a range on on-site sewage systems to suit your needs. We design site specific systems for homeowners. The Ecoteam EcoCell is a low energy and low maintenance effluent treatment system.


Projects - Orana Haven Village Scale Wastewater treatment wetland

Constructed Wetlands

Ecoteam’s constructed wetlands are low energy devices which use sound scientific principles to treat a range of wastewater’s including agricultural and municipal effluent to a high quality. Wetland treatment systems use plants and naturally occurring microorganisms to treat wastewater and have economic, social and environmental benefits.

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wastewater and drinking water treatment systems

Water, Wastewater and Stormwater

Ecoteam designs, maintains and installs a range of water, wastewater and stormwater treatment systems. We provide operation and ongoing maintenance for remote communities and tourist facilities

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Environmental monitoring

Environmental Assessment and Monitoring

Most development projects require environmental environmental assessments to fulfill council and regulatory authority requirements. Ecoteam provides a full range of assessment services including waste management and water quality monitoring.

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HAZMAT, Asbestos and Mould

Ecoteam provides assessment and identification services for Hazardous Material (HAZMAT), mould and asbestos. Ecoteam has over 35 years combined experience working with hazardous materials. Ecoteam has fully licenced and experienced Asbestos Assessors and Mould experts.

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Soil testing and Investigation

Soil Testing and Contamination

Our soil testing includes Contaminated Land Assessments, Agricultural Assessments and Acid Sulphate Soil Assessments.  Contaminated land assessment  investigations ensure that the land is free of contaminants.

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