How to identify and treat mould

  • Learn how to identify and treat mould

Mould is can be a problem in many homes, offices and buildings. You can identify and treat it easily.


Identify Mould

Mould species which can inhabit buildings


 Ecoteam’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Ecoteam is proud to announce that our Innovate RAP has been recently endorsed by Reconciliation Australia.

See our RAP

Reconciliation Action Plan image by Lisa Robinson 

Seven Flying Boomerangs.

Artwork by Lisa Robinson.


 World Wetlands Day Feb 2

The global theme for World Wetlands Day on 2 February 2016 is ‘Wetlands for our future: sustainable livelihoods’.

Ecoteam has been featured (page 24-25) for some of our recent wetland projects including the Orana Haven drug and alcohol facility, Malabugilmah Aboriginal community and Borneo Orangutan Sanctuary wetlands.

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 Malabugilmah Aboriginal Community Wetland System


 Lismore City Council

Lismore City council actively promote the use of reed beds (constructed wetlands) for sewage treatment. They have produced a guide which provides information on their use.

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EcoCell domestic sewage system

 Ecoteam Reed Beds


 Environmental solutions company named Lismore’s top business

Ecoteam were honoured to have won the Sustainable Business Award and the Business of the Year Award at the Lismore Business Excellence Awards hosted by the Lismore Chamber of Commerce Inc on Saturday night.

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business awards


Ecoteam wins Technology and Innovation Business Award

  • Northern Star 2013

 The Ecoteam won the Technology and Innovation award at the 2013 Lismore Business Excellence Awards.

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 Ecoteam wins business award


‘International Scientists to tour Byron Wetlands’

The award winning West Byron Sewage Treatment Plant has drawn international attention with five wastewater scientists and engineers from India set to tour the site next week

Byron Shire Council’s executive manager of water and recycling, Phil Warner, said the scientific contingent aimed to learn about safer and sustainable disposal of sewage effluent using agro forestry systems.

“The team chose to visit The Byron Bay Sewage Treatment Plant because it is considered to be among the world’s most ecologically advanced sewage treatment systems, incorporating around 30 hectares of various constructed wetland systems and a Class A reclaimed water supply system.


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Indian scientists visit Byron Bay wetlands

‘New Loo for Ranga Zoo’

The orang utans of Nyaru Menteng in Kalimantan, Indonesia are about to get a new waste water treatment system thanks to Lismore’s Ecoteam and Tony Gilding who owns and runs the Macadamia Castle at Knockrow. Nyaru Menteng is a refuge for orangutans who are predominantly the victims of habitat loss, and they have up to 600 animals across four sites. Director of Ecoteam, Dr Keith Bolton said the infrastructure hasn’t kept up with the growing demand on the center in the past 20 years.

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 Orangutan sanctuary

A Snapshot of Pro-bono Engineering

Engineers Australia and Engineers Without Boarders (EWB) joined forces in 2011 to create ‘The Year of Humanitarian Engineering’. During this year a number of workshops and conferences highlighted the importance of engineers using their valuable skillsets to assist communities in need. A report was produced which incorporated case studies and evaluated Pro bono engineering. Ecoteam was presented in this reports for our contribution to pro bono engineering in Indonesia. The report can be downloaded from the  link below.

Snapshot of pro bono engineering

‘From Effluence to Affluence’

Every time you flush the toilet, do you think about what happens to your bodily waste once it leaves the bowl? Ecological engineer Dr Keith Bolton does. With his driving philosophy ‘there’s no such thing as waste’, he has devoted his career to developing natural ways of treating sewage and using effluent for the benefit of communities.

Rather than creating environmental problems by pumping effluent into rivers and oceans, Dr Bolton believes wastewater should be utilised as a resource. The projects he has been involved with have taken him from growing the first fields of industrial hemp on the North Coast through to creating sustainable solutions to sewage problems in remote Aboriginal communities.

Through his company Ecotechnology Australia, Dr Bolton and his Lismore-based Ecoteam have pioneered the design of constructed wetland ecosystems to treat sewage. If we think of wetlands as being the kidneys of the land, then the process of constructing a wetland is like performing a kidney transplant.


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Effluence to affluence



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