Domestic Septic & Sewage Systems

Increasingly, Councils and regulatory authorities require higher levels of treatment for both new and existing on-site sewage treatment systems. Ecoteam designs and constructs highly adaptable, on-site sewage treatment systems to suit a wide range of client needs. Ecoteam provides operation and maintenance services and condition assessments and upgrades for existing systems to ensure they meet required standards.

Ecoteam also produces a dosing siphon which can passivly distribute water into your application area.

Frog in a pipe on-site sewage

On-site Sewage management Systems (OSSMS) Design reports

Council requires an OSSMS design report when lodging a development application to build a house. Ecoteam produces design reports which contain all the relevant information that Council requires, including  a site map and description, soil testing and evaluation, system modelling and sizing and system design diagrams . Ecoteam performs a site assessments which considers all the relevant constraints – such as slope, soil characteristics and site hydrology – then provide you with the options you have available for your system before producing your design report.


How our system works on-site sewage

Constructed Treatment Wetlands

Ecoteam specialises in the design, construction and operation of wetland water treatment systems for household sewage and stormwater. Constructed wetlands are the key element of Ecoteam’s on-site treatment systems: living filters that clean water through natural biological, physical and chemical processes. Ecoteam constructed wetlands rely on “sticky root technology”. Sewage pollutants such as bacteria, phosphorus and nitrogen are stripped from the effluent by the biofilm (colonies of microorganisms) that grow on the aerated root network of the wetland plants.

An Ecoteam ‘flow with nature’ sewage  management system provides ecological value and aesthetic appeal to your landscape. Constructed wetland systems are ecologically sound and energy efficient. They have gained the approval and acceptance from Councils and regulatory authorities around Australia.

Download Sewage and wetland Brochure

 Empty wetland concrete cells - on-site sewage

 Newly built wetland on-site sewage

 Wetland area on-site sewage

 Established wetland on-site sewage

Aerated Water Treatment System (AWTS)

AWTS sewage devices are  an all-in-one tank and treatment system that uses pumps and aerators that are powered by electricity. This systems provides a very high level of treatment and is recommended for extremely sensitive or constrained sites. The system can also treat households or tourist facilities with up to ten rooms and requires a very small amount of land area.


On-site Sewage System Installation and Maintenance

Construction of an Ecoteam on-site system involves experienced earth-moving operators and plumbers who will install the system to your requirements. The installation of a on-site systems involves integration between both design and construction staff. We will ensure the best quality and best price installation of your on-site sewage system. We can install any system type and are happy to provide a quote for the installation of any system design. Ecoteam staff are highly experienced at operating and maintaining a wide range of on-site sewage systems. We also maintain water and sewerage infrastructure in remote communities and tourist facilities.