Flora, Fauna and Ecological Assessments

Our team are specialist ecological consultants. We provide the full range of biodiversity surveys and reports for small and large-scale projects. We can provide ongoing monitoring and assessment of terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna for all habitat types.

Our services include:

  • Vegetation management plans
  • Threatened species assessments
  • Flora and fauna surveys
  • Koala plans of management
  • Species impact statements
  • Environmental impact statements
  • Species recovery plans
  • Ecological monitoring
  • Weed management strategies
  • Restoration and rehabilitation plans
  • Bush fire assessments
  • Habitat mapping and management plans

From the initial planning phase of your project, right through to completion, we can provide the full scope of ecological assessments to support your next project.

We have experience in wetland assessment, coastal habitats, weed management, terrestrial ecology, fauna trapping and monitoring, fish surveys, biodiversity analysis and providing management recommendations.

Each project is unique so please give us a call (02) 6621 5123 and we can talk through your requirements.



Biodioversity and Ecological Assessments - identification of subtropical rainforest plant species

Identification of subtropical rainforest plant species

Biodeiversity and Ecology Assessments - Skink (Ctenotus halysis)

Skink (Ctenotus halysis)



Biodiversity and Ecology Assessments - Flatback turtle (Natator depressus)

Flatback turtle (Natator depressus)

Biodioversity and Ecology Assessments - Western quoll (Dasyurus geoffroii)

Western quoll (Dasyurus geoffroii)