SafeWork NSW Mentoring Program

Safety Starts with Us!

attendees at the safework nsw mentoring program workshop, group photo

Stefanie Stanley, Business Manager and Senior Scientist, front right.

Following on from the SafeWork NSW State Awards, Ecoteam had the opportunity to ‘give back’ this year as part of the SafeWork NSW Mentoring Program.

Stefanie Stanley, Senior Scientist and Business Manager, took on the role of Mentor to a local freight company, visiting their workplace and providing guidance on risk assessment, risk management and all things safety – from signage to Return to Work policies.

Stefanie says:

‘It was a real pleasure working with another local business to assist them with their workplace safety. They were already doing a lot, and just needed to consult more with their staff and pull together their documentation. By the end of the program there was a complete 180. It was very much lead by the mentee – I just provided pointers to information and helped clarify WHS obligations.

SafeWork NSW also provide training and resources for both Mentors and Mentees, and this helped set the boundaries of the process and also help us realise how¬†much potential we both had to make a difference! I highly recommend this program for mentees and mentors and I’ll be participating again in 2019.’

To register for the SafeWork NSW Mentoring Program (as either a Mentor or Mentee) visit the SafeWork website and fill out the application form. All mentees are eligible for the $500 safety rebate!

Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!!

From all the staff at Ecoteam.