Contaminated Land Assessment

Soil testing and laboratory analysis is required to identify if there are any contaminants on your property that may be a risk to you or the environment. Testing and reporting must be undertaken by qualified consultants.

Ecoteam is highly skilled in the investigation of land for potential contamination from domestic, agricultural and industrial land use.

Ecoteam has more than 10 years’ experience conducting investigations in north-east NSW, which include site and desktop assessments, historic land use assessments, soil sampling and analysis, and risk assessment.

We conduct site testing, reporting, remediation and validation – everything you need to identify and manage contamination on your property or building site.

 Acid Sulfate Soil Assessment

Our Contaminated Land Assessment Services

Ecoteam’s services include:

  • Preliminary site investigations rural properties and subdivisions – to determine if soil contamination is present.
  • Detailed and targeted site investigations – if contamination is identified, more detailed analysis is required.
  • Reporting for Council’s and commercial operations including stockpile soil testing of virgin excavated natural material (VENM) and excavated natural material (ENM).
  • Development of Remediation Action Plans for lead, asbestos, pesticides, hydrocarbons and other contaminants.
  • Site and soil remediation – if there is contamination present, Ecoteam can undertake soil removal, backfill & site validation.

The NSW Government recognises that the management of contaminated land is a major issue for public agencies, industry and the community. NSW Government has strict regulations about how contaminated land assessments are undertaken.

Our contaminated land assessments comply with SEPP55 requirements and all Council and government standards. We have a quality assurance system in place to ensure our projects are managed according to industry best practice.

Contamination of land means the presence of a substance in, on or under the land at a concentration above the concentration at which the substance is normally found in that locality, such that there is a risk of harm to human health or some other aspect of the environment.

Soil Remediation

Ecoteam also provides remediation services for contaminated land and other occurences of contamination. Ecoteam has experience in remediation of asbestos, contaminated soil (lead, pesticides), contaminated water and safe disposal of PCBs.

Each project is unique so please give us a call and we can talk through your requirements.